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Where's the Shrink

Effective shrink prevention begins with up to date shrink awareness training. Attendees will learn the latest ‘causes and cures’ of shrink and profit loss and the latest facts and stats from the supermarket industry. Discover the industry best practices for controlling shrink to its minimal level and learn: 9 ways to reduce perishable shrink, 12 Best Practices for fast, immediate shrink reduction, the most effective methods to measure your shrink, what shoplifters are stealing and how to stop them, operational causes of shrink vs. theft, top technologies proven to reduce shrink, 5 steps to measuring shrink and more.

Driving Perishable Profit

There is an inseparable link between shrink control, sales and customer satisfaction and all 3 drive profit in your perishable departments. This class is the perfect choice for teaching your store managers and perishable managers how to do a better job of cutting your perishables shrink losses and becoming more Sales driven and control oriented. In this session, your people will learn: The 8 Keys to Perishable Profit Optimization, How gaining a better understanding of Known Loss can actually effect improved control over your known Losses, How a 20-minute Best Practices audit will help you create a Culture of Control, The facts about the Inseparable Link between shrink control and customer satisfaction.

The Power of Engagement

Discover how market leaders are driving Customer Service Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty to record highs using a simple and proven Customer Service method that once implemented can yield 27% less shrink, 25% less turnover, increase productivity up to 18% and pump up Customer Loyalty by 12%. The Competence of Engagement is more than a Human Resources initiative and is quickly becoming a strategic foundation for how the most successful companies do business.

Compete, Beat, and Win Against Super Stores

It is unlikely you will beat the Super Store on pricing. The good news, you don’t have to and your customer doesn’t expect you to! Learn over 17 proven ways to successfully compete when the Super Store comes to town and takes an average 17% of your sales away. Learn what you must do to compete, beat and win against them and more importantly learn what NOT to do when competing with the big box stores…

More Popular Speaking Topics

  • Transforming Loss Prevention - from a “department” to a loss prevention “culture” in your stores.
  • The Operations Effectiveness Audit - that yields measurable bottom line results in 120 days
  • Creating Cashier Excellence - learn how cashiers steal and what you need to do to prevent it! Includes 3 simple steps to Front End Control proven to reduce shrink and improve productivity and customer service.
  • Best Practices in Backdoor Receiving - covers all aspects of the receiving process
  • The Profit Driven Manager - discover the 6 Profit Drivers required to maximize store profit and learn the Best Practices the most successful Store Mangers embrace that yield high productivity and profit.
  • Developing 4 Talent - The perfect follow up to Hiring 4 Talent – and developing the people you already have is equally important. Understand the 12 Elements employee’s need from great managers and how to implement them.
  • Coaching 4 Improvement - Confrontation is never pleasant but in business, it needs to happen and it can be rewarding when done properly. Learn how to improve productivity by 10% by holding employees more accountable!
  • How to Audit for Success - Everyone performs better when we keep a performance scoreboard created by simple periodic audits.
  • How to Build a Future Leaders Program - Most independent retailers cannot afford a large training budget but they can have an effective Future Leaders program that provides the ‘bench strength’ ever company needs to grow to their true potential.
  • Employee Appraisal and Personal Development Plans - Learn simple and effective methods for annual evaluations & interim accountability through PDP’s.
  • Omni Channel Marketing - The silent competitor that’s stealing your business 24/7!

Training Testimonials

"Mike is a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker that offers the retailer practical and proven methods to improve profit"

“Mike is such an inspirational speaker that we have brought back several times to rally our managers and executives to be their best”

“Mike is such a high energy and entertaining speaker! Great content and always presented in a way that everyone gets it”

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